There are several Institutes that offer digital marketing course in India to assist you in becoming more qualified in your chosen industry. A list of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in India is provided below. There is no avoiding the fact that, given how the world has gone digital, nearly all firms will integrate digital in their marketing efforts sooner or later. There are many chances available for people wishing to enter the profession of digital marketing because there is a large demand for digital marketers that outweighs the supply.

Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing in some ways, such as the ability to create a product that needs to be sold and the desire to find ways to interact with potential customers in order to increase brand recognition. Learning all forms of digital marketing concepts and obtaining a good career are both facilitated by the digital marketing institute in Kolkata.

Since it is so adaptable and has a variable business model, digital marketing involves more jobs and abilities than any other type of marketing.

The best Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India Should Meet These Criteria

1.You must carefully review the institute's web page before applying.

2.It is crucial to confirm if the instructors are willing to provide you flexible training hours.

3.Online or offline (classroom) training is available. Many students prefer traditional classroom instruction in digital marketing, but they also keep up with new tools and technologies. Online training is a fantastic choice, allowing you to participate from any location using a laptop or smartphone. You can get a live instructor-led online training through a webinar, zoom, or Skype, and you can obtain video walks via modules.

4.Before enrolling, you must make the essential inquiries regarding the course's duration, start and end dates, and flexibility of hours.

5.Digital marketing course costs—whether EMI is offered, the refund policy, and accessible certificates.

To Acquire Knowledge From The Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes In India

To learn more about them, examine and go over the list below.

1.Academy Of Digital Marketing

With the promise of 100% job placement,  Academy Of Digital Marketing has trained more than 7500 professionals. The school's classrooms, curriculum, and teaching methods are all largely created with the idea that graduates should not just be confident digital marketers but also confident people.

The Academy Of Digital Marketing offers 22+ Modules for you to learn, primarily in Digital Marketing, and is one of the best out of the top 10 digital marketing colleges in India.

Prepare to learn the skill that will enable you to advance and unlock a wealth of new possibilities for development.

2.Electronic Cruise

Students, businesses, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs can all benefit from Digital Cruise's comprehensive live classroom and online video-based training in digital marketing.

You can enrol in weekday/weekend batches for your digital marketing course in a professional structured environment that has access to real-world application opportunities and applied learned skills at one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in India, which includes corporate training, campus learning, and in-class training.

Digital Cruise offers a wide range of digital marketing courses that are specifically designed for your in-depth training, including SEO, Web design, PHP & PHP++, Android application, and many others.

3.Education Zuan

Zuan Education, which has more than ten years of experience, provides both online and offline instruction. By learning about digital marketing in real time, you can improve your employability. Zuan Education offers 30+ courses that will help you advance your profession. There are various areas where you can study and advance your skills, including business productivity classes, cloud courses, web design & development courses, and IT training.

You can completely rely on zuan Education, one of the top 10 digital marketing schools in India, to help you develop into an industry-ready professional while also bolstering your résumé and securing a bright career in digital maeketing


Looking for the best training in digital marketing? Get your hands on iElevate courses, which include 14 certifications from Microsoft, Google, and other companies, along with 30 advanced marketing modules. Brand Awareness, Email Automation, E-Commerce Marketplaces, Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing, and Digital Analysis are just a few of the course's components.

3 month long digital marketing training programmes are available from iElevate both online and offline. The recorded sessions are the best feature of this because they can be reviewed at any time, anyplace.

At iElevate, you can also select a session for a free demo lesson.

5.Ready for Digital

In India, one of the top 10 digital marketing colleges is called Digital Ready, where committed industry professionals come forward to address the industry's expanding needs. The 5Cs of digital marketing—conception, content, campaign, conversation, and conversion—are the main topics of training at Digital Ready.

In addition to different time periods and courses in each, Digital Read offers 4 segments, including CCDM (Certificate Course in Digital Marketing), CCFDM (Certificate Course in Full Stack Digital Marketing), SDMP (Small Business Digital Marketing Program), and CCUXD (Certificate Course in UI/UX Development).

Website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), Google Adwords, influencer marketing, and other topics are covered in the 100+ batches of digital marketing courses that Digital Ready offers.

6.SEO Pankaj Kumar

Are you actively looking for the top instructors in India for digital marketing courses? If so, Pankaj Kumar SEO Expert is the place to end your search. Whether you're a student, housewife, entrepreneur, working professional, or anything else, you should develop and improve your skills in digital marketing.

The SEO specialist, Pankaj Kumar, is right here to teach you everything from scratch.

Various digital marketing courses, including SEO, SMO, PPC, web design, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and more are taught. There are more than 20 modules available.

Online courses in digital marketing can be taken at times that are convenient for you.

7.Online training

Get your hands and skills trained at Web Trainings, one of the top 10 digital marketing schools in India. They provide practical programmes in digital marketing that are skill-based and include training in SEO, Google AdWords, social media marketing, and web design.

With an 80% success rate, Web Trainings has been actively training people in the sector for the past 14 years.

They offer video courses, online courses, and classroom courses for digital marketing.

Six categories—Certified SEO Course, Digital Marketing Course, Google AdWords Certification, Social Media Marketing, Online Money Making Course, and Responsive Web Designing—offer greater learning for your development.

8.Guru DM

Out of the top 10 digital marketing schools in India, DM Guru is one of the leaders, providing expert instruction focused on the chance to work on Live Projects, elevating work experience and increasing CV headline. DM Guru selects the delivery methods for its career-oriented education based on the accessibility of industry experts and the comfort of its students. Flexible classes like alternate day (MWF, TTS, SS), weekend, regular, or online training are also offered. Flexible training sessions are also accessible.

WordPress training, digital marketing training, SEO training, social media optimization training, PPC training, and ORM training are all included in the list of digital marketing courses that DM Guru offers. E-books are also offered for improved comprehension.


One of the best top 10 digital marketing schools in India, Learnpact offers online and classroom courses along with certification counselling and placement support. All trainees and young aspirants are welcome to learn with LearnPact, but if you have a degree in B.Tech, BBA, MBA, BSC, BA, or commerce, you are the perfect candidate to work in the field of digital marketing. So, if you're looking for work, enrolling in a digital marketing online course at LearnPact can boost your career prospects.

To assist you with digitising the manner you desire, LearnPact offers more than 55 courses. Develop your talents using a variety of strategies, including SEO, PPC, online display ads, social media, e-mail, and mobile marketing. Learn how to integrate the planning and execution of your digital marketing strategy for the highest ROI.

10.Dimitri Manthan

Take advantage of Digi Manthan's sophisticated digital marketing classes. You will receive 100% practical training from Digi Manthan in addition to in-depth theoretical instruction from highly qualified instructors. At Digi Manthan, every module is 24+ readily comprehensible.

Choose from a variety of digital marketing courses, including those in black-hat and white-hat SEO, e-commerce management, advanced photography, content marketing, and more. At Digi Manthan, you can get both classroom training and corporate training.

With Digi Manthan, the top 10 digital marketing schools in India can help you advance your education, improve your way of life, and enter the digital world.


As was previously indicated, the entire country is gradually becoming digital, but it is still crucial to evaluate your talents and improve them online. The Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes In India to choose from! Every institute is roughly on equal footing. Make a good decision taking your convenience, time constraints, and other factors into account.